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All central heating installations carried out by our own Gas Safe Registered engineers.

We only install energy efficient A rated boilers and Leading central heating brands – Baxi, Johnson & Starley, Ideal, Worcester Bosch and Potterton.

We only ever install the right heating solution for you, your home and your budget. With our network of friendly, professional engineers, you can trust us to get the job done quickly and efficiently – so you can get a money-saving new system with the absolute minimum of disruption.

Most modern houses in the UK have a central heating system to heat their home and provide hot water for washing. A modern system with a condensing boiler is a highly energy efficient, practical way to provide warmth for your household, and is ideal for the majority of people.

Due to advances in boiler technology and design over the last 10 years, a modern, well serviced condensing boiler operates at over 90% efficiency reducing your fuel costs and your carbon footprint considerably.

With a wide variety of boilers and fuel types available, from combination boilers which heat the water on demand, to system boilers which heat the water and store it, you can be certain that you are getting the best solution for your household.
We can ensure that you get a central heating system tailored to your individual family’s needs.

Types of central heating boiler.

There are a wide range of boilers and manufacturers available on the market which can be confusing at times. To make it simpler for our customers, we only fit the best boilers from the most respected of manufacturers including Baxi boilers, Johnson & Starley boilers, Ideal boilers and Potterton and Worcester boilers.

All newly fitted boilers are condensing boilers, which are designed to burn fuel as efficiently as possible,
reducing the cost of heating your home. Condensing boilers can be combi boilers, system boilers or Heat only

There are 3 main types of domestic central heating boilers.

Combination boilers(combi boiler) – A combi boiler (or combination boiler) heats water whenever a hot tap or shower is turned on, removing the need to find space for a tank in the loft or the risk of a storage cylinder running cold. Water is fed from the mains so the water pressure is generally better than with traditional boilers.
Combi boilers are now the most popular type of boiler for gas central heating and domestic hot water production in the UK. Reliable, durable, convenient and easy to install, gas combi boilers are also economical to run. They produce an endless stream of hot water, whenever it is needed and only when it is needed. If you need instant hot water and space is at a premium in your property, then a combi boiler could be the right choice for you.

Regular heat only boilers – a regular heat only boiler heats the hot water and stores it in a cylinder for later use, usually in an airing cupboard. This provides a larger quantity of hot water and is not affected by people using multiple taps at the same time, but it may be less flexible as the water and radiators are usually heated for fixed, preset periods of time.

System boilers – Much like a regular boiler, a system boiler operates using stored hot water. However, there are important differences between the two.
A system boiler contains many major components of the heating and hot water system already built in. This allows installation that is not only faster, but easier, tidier and more efficient.
Unlike a regular boiler, a system boiler pumps the hot water straight through the heating system to the radiators and hot water cylinder, reducing the amount of time it takes for the dwelling to heat up and as such, reducing running costs. There is also no need for a feed and expansion cistern with a system boiler.